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Roulade De Foie Gras

Our rich and creamy roulade de foie gras is made from duck livers by a small family-run firm in France using the best local products and the duck are kept in open fields and fed local corn in true Sud Ouest tradition. Duck foie gras is less 'gamey' and creamier than goose foie gras but just as good. The family have been making foie gras pate in the Perigord and Sud Ouest since 1920 and have won the prestigious Prix d'Or prize in Paris several times for a number of products.
This mi cuit foie gras is fresh and so much better than anything tinned.
It is vacuum-packed to retain its freshness and has a shelf life of six weeks from the date of manufacture.
A 480g block will feed about 12 people and costs £50.00.
It makes an excellent corporate, weekend, anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift.
It perfectly compliments a good Sauterne wine and is best eaten with warm toast or brioche - delicious!
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Ps. Should be eaten with three days of opening or frozen and will last about 6 months in the freezer.

Please note deliveries are between 9am and 1pm.

Wild Morello (Griottine) Cherries

These fabulous griottine cherries are soaked in liqueur and Kirsch and not at all sweet. They are not for the young or faint hearted! Again they are a wonderful present and useful in any kitchen as they have an indefinite shelf life. They are especially good with chocolate, ice cream / or cream - fantastic!
Preferred Delivery Date

Please note deliveries are between 9am and 1pm.